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Planes and Helicopters

In this section you can find the technique recently released from the plant, used and renovated at aircraft repair plants, the company VERTOL AERO offers to supply.

PLANE - is an Aerodyne to fly to the atmosphere via engines and stationary, generally wings. Due to the high speed, payload and range, operational reliability, high maneuverability plane is most prevalent of all types of aircraft and is used to transport passengers and cargo, as well as for military and special purpose.

Helicopter is heavier than air aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing. Lift and propulsion forces are rotors. There are single-screw helicopters with tail (tail) rotor; two- or mnogovintovye. Helicopter flight speed of 350 km / h, capacity up to 40 tons (1984). Used for passenger and cargo transportation and special purposes (medical care, pest control of crops, fire fighting, etc..), As well as in the armed forces for the transfer of airborne troops, troops and supplies and perform other. Combat missions.

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О нас

Компания VERTOL AERO является одной из немногих компаний, осуществляющих реализацию оригинальных запасных частей и деталей для самолетной и вертолётной техники гражданского и специального назначения. Подробнее



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